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About this project

The Infinity campaign

The Infinity campaign is all about inspiring more young people to study physics.

Studying physics can open up limitless career possibilities. It touches almost every industry in one way or another, from finance and technology through to music, film and theatre. So, whatever you’re interested in, physics can offer a route in. It’s not just rocket science…

Physics graduates are also among the most sought-after and highest paid, valued for their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Infinity campaign is working with Schools across the UK – challenging misconceptions, offering information and resources to teachers, and empowering pupils to see a future with physics.

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Who’s behind it

The campaign is being run by Future First – the UK education charity helping young people in state schools and colleges broaden their horizons by connecting them with former pupils.

It’s all part of the Planet Possibility initiative. This is run by a team of consortium partners made up of universities, charities and businesses. Together, they have vast experience in the areas of diversity, inclusion, engaging with young people, STEM, physics, careers and digital projects.

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